In 1947 when India got her independence, second world war had broke out resulting in disastrous throughout Europe, N. Africa , S. Asia, Japan and almost all over the world. Civilizations which took centuries to build up were collapsed due to severe bombardment.

Simultaneously, India was passing through different stages. British empire had put India into the war due to which Mahatma Gandhi and the National Congress challenged the British rulers and started “Quit India Movement”. This resulted in handing over India to the Indians on the 15th of August, 1947.

The early 50’s was the period of dilemma for the educationists in planning the next step. However, under the able guidance of Gandhiji the practical and basic education systems made the routine education system outdated. The modern system of education was accepted by the eminent educationists and experimented everywhere. Shri Chandravadan Shah, one of the freedom fighters during his Nasik imprisonment developed the idea of this new system of education in consultation with his co-prisoners and freedom fighters resulting in laying the foundation stone of this new child psycho based organization named “Jeevanbharti”.