Forms will be available from 23rd November to 26th November 2020 between 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM.
Birth date for  Nursery  should  be  between 01.06.2017 – 31.05.2018. (3 Years Complete)
Birth date for Junior KG should be between 01.06.2016 – 31.05.2017. (4 Years Complete)
Following should be attached while submitting the form

  1. True copy of child’s Birth Certificate
  2. Xerox of Immunization record
  3. Xerox of blood group report
  4. Three copies of child’s Passport size photo
  5. Xerox of child’s aadhar card


  1. The child to be admitted to Nursery should be born between 01.06.2017 and 31.05.2018 (dates).

    The child to be admitted to Junior KG should be born between 01.06.2016 and 31.05.2017 (dates).

  2. Students will be admitted from any caste, creed or colour.

  3. Both girls and boys can be admitted.

  4. On receiving the admission forms by the school, the admissions will be finalized through personal interview of parent’s, student’s general behavior, conduct, health and physical disabilities. Ultimate decision will be taken by the management. Thereafter, the guardians are expected to pay the fees according to the rates decided by the management time to time. The guardian’s cooperation is solicited in this matter.

  5. Term Fees is to be paid twice in the month of June and the other in the month of December.

  6. Students whose names are to be continued on the roll till the month of April, will have to pay all types of fees for the month of May. Fees for the month of May will be taken along with the month of April.

  7. If any student remains absent for 7 days or more without prior permission, the name of such a student will be struck off from the Attendance Register.

  8. Parents should give written information to the institution regarding student leaving the school on or before last date of previous month. Otherwise fees for the next month will have to be paid.

  9. All the student have to be in school uniform prescribed by the school management, which can be seen from the specimen exhibited on the school notice board. Every guardian should prepare two sets of uniforms in the month of June.

  10. All the students have to perform allotted work sincerely with good manners, regarding cleanliness and self-help.

  11. Students should not put on any valuable ornaments in the school campus. The responsibility of the lost valuables will lie on the parents.

  12. Every student needs to obey the rules and regulations prescribed by the school. If not obeyed, the principal can withdraw the admission.

  13. Cooperation is expected from parents and guardians regarding student’s study and behavior.

  14. The filled up forms should be submitted in time. The management is not responsible for the late submission of the same.